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Avital and Jochen Pöschko are partners in life as well as in their work. They have three children: Ma’ayan, Noah and Ronja Sharon.

Jochen, from Germany and Avital, who is Anglo-Israeli, started their working life together at “Circomedia” in Bristol, UK under the tuition of Mike Wright  and subsequently at “École Leotard” in Montréal, under the guidance of Victor Fomine.


Avital and Jochen started to concentrate on aerial acrobatics, and began working as a duo in 2010 on the swinging trapeze, whilst also adding the use of aerial straps.


Technical skill, mutual trust and the rapport between the two performers produce a stunningly atmospheric performance.

Their Swinging act which won silver medal at the Festival Du Cirque De Demain in Paris and the Bronze award at the Wuhan International Acrobatics Art Festival of China is currently touring the world.

Choreographed by Elena Fomine

Music composed by David Goo.

Costumes by Katrin Leblond


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Picture Copyright Marie-Thérèse Cardoso

Russian Snow - David Goo feat. Mariya Brachkova
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