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Cirque du Soliel, Andorra, June - August 2024

Kultur auf der Straße | Neu-Ulm, Germany 17. + 18. August 2024

Evergem, Belgium 1st September 2024

Circus Paletti, Mannheim Germany 19th September 2024

Sinjor Circo, Antwerp Belgium 22nd September 2024

FIRA DE GANDÍA,  Spain 27th of September


Polster & Pohl Weihnachtsgala, Leipziger Arena, Germany 4th-7th December 2024

Karlsruhe Weihnachtszirkus December/ January 2024/2025



Unterwegs Variete, Ladenburg Germany 14th, 15th & 16th June 2024

CU'FUS festival in Samobor Croatia 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th May 2024

Young Stage Open Air Basel, Swizerland 27th,28th April 2024

Festival Còmic de Figueres, Catalunia, 28th, 29th March 2024

Circus Paletti, Mannheim Germany March 2024


Samen op straat, Herent, Belgium 22nd October 2023

Flic Flac Weihnachtszirkus, Dortmund, Germany Dec/Jan 2023/2024


Kleines Fest, Hannover Germany, 4th July - 30th July 2023

Kleines Fest, Ludwigslust Germany, 5th & 6th August 2023

Ofakim Festival, Israel August

Shambala Festival 27th August UK


KaldeArte, Vitoria - Gasteiz, Spain 8th & 9th of June 2023

Unterwegs Theatre, HebelHalle Heidelberg, Germany 23rd, 24th, 25th June 2023


Cirk in Het Park, Maasmechelen, Belgium 15th, 16th April 2023

Festival of Fools, Belfast, Northern Ireland 29th & 30th April 2023

Unterwegs Varieté, Obsthof Schuhman, Ladenburg Germany, 19th, 20th, 21st May 2023

Schloss Wilhemsthal, Calden, New Show 'Limo' 28th May 2023

City of Wings, De Gevleugelde Stad Ieper, Belgium, 8th & 9th April 2023


Daimler Mannheim Jubilarfeier, Gala private event Dec 2022

Zwickau Weihnachtszirkus, Zwickau Germany Dec/Jan 2022/2023

Kinderspielplatzfest, Schriesheim 25th Spetmber 2022

720 Stunden, Unterwegs Theatre, Heidelberg Germany 16th, 17th September 2022

Kinder Workshops, Unterwegs Theatre, Heidelber Germany 5th-10th September 2022

Nacht der Sinne, Groß-Gerau, Germany 2nd September 2022

Shambala Festival, UK 28th August 2022

Kleines Fest, Ludwigslust  6th, 7th August 2022

Kleines Fest im Großen Garten, Hannover Germnay 7th-31st July 2022

Waldschwimmbad Fest, Schriesheim Unterwegs Varieté 3rd July 2022

Israel Acrobatic Convention June 2022

Déi Well danzen am Besch, Luxembourg , June 2022

Circus Symphony ,Lucerne, Swizerland 11,12,13 March 2022

Weihnachts Circus Aachen 2021/2022

Unterwegs Varieté 2020/2021

Holiday on Ice, Specialty act for the 75 year Jubilee tour, Germany and France 2018|2019/2020

International Festival of Puyang, China, October 2018

International circus festival IDOL, Moscow, Russia, September 2018

Grand Gala Du Cirque for the Festival Funambolika, Pescara, Italy, July 2018

Cirq à Roma Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, June 2018

Harbourside Festival, Bristol UK, July 2018

Open Air Spectacle, Young stage Basel Swizerland May 2018

Trapezi, Reus Catalunya Spain May 2018

karlsruher weihnachtscircus, Germany - 22nd December - 7th January 2018


the 18th International artist circus festival of Saint Paul les Dax, France - 9th-12th November 2017

Circus Roncalli, Germany - 40 Jubiläum tour 2016/2017

Circus Conelli, Zurich Switzerland - 22nd November 2015 - 4th January 2016


Circus Reaction, Greece Circus Cabaret, 26th April - 3rd June 2015 - Avital and Jochen Swinging Trapeze, Aerial straps, Beyond the Bounce


Roncalli Wintercircus, Tempodrom Berlin, Germany  2014 - Avital and Jochen Swinging Trapeze


16th  International Circus Festival City of Latina 2014 - Avital and Jochen Double Swinging Trapeze


Modiin festival, Israel  2014 - Avital and Jochen Double swinging Trapeze


Cyclope, Switzerland  2014 - Avital Aerial straps and Ensemble 


Odysseo, Solvay 150th, Brussels, Belgium 2013 - Ensemble show


Circus Monti, Switzerland 2012 - Swinging Doubles Trapeze, straps and juggling 


Incandescene Christmas show, Derby, UK 2011, 2012 - Trapeze, silks and straps 


Holiday Inn resort, Israel 2011 - Swinging Doubles Trapeze and Straps


GOP Variete, Germany 2009,2010,2011 - Straps


Aalborg Winter Variete, Aalborg, Denmark, 2010 - Juggling


Europapark, Rust, Germany 2010 - Straps


Le plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde, Paris, France 2009 - Beyond the Bounce


Wintergarten Variete, Berlin, Germany 2008 - Juggling


The Flying Dragon Circus, Beijing, China 2008- Ensemble show


Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan 2006,2007- bungee trapeze





IDOL Festival Moscow, Russia 2018 - Special prize from the circus of Belarus

18th International Festival of circus artists Saint Paul Lès Dax, France, 2017 - Firebird Productions award


Wuhan International Acrobatic Art Festival of China, 2014- Double swinging Trapeze

Bronze Cup


35th festival mondial du Cirque De Demain ,  Paris 2014 - Double swinging Trapeze

Silver Medal


Young Stage internatiol festival, Basel, Switzerland 2010 -Straps

Silver Award


Daidogei world cup street festival, Shizouka, Japan 2008 - Aerial straps and trapeze


Newcomers show, Krystallpalast, Leipzig, Germany 2001 - Beyond the Bounce duo juggling


Audience prize




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