Festivals and Awards

Past Shows

IDOL Festival Moscow, Russia 2018 - Special prize from the circus of Belarus

18th International Festival of circus artists Saint Paul Lès Dax, France, 2017 - Firebird Productions award


Wuhan International Acrobatic Art Festival of China, 2014- Double swinging Trapeze

Bronze Cup


35th festival mondial du Cirque De Demain ,  Paris 2014 - Double swinging Trapeze

Silver Medal


Young Stage internatiol festival, Basel, Switzerland 2010 -Straps

Silver Award


Daidogei world cup street festival, Shizouka, Japan 2008 - Aerial straps and trapeze


Newcomers show, Krystallpalast, Leipzig, Germany 2001 - Beyond the Bounce duo juggling

Audience prize






Israel Acrobatic Convention June 2022

Déi Well danzen am Besch, Luxembourg , June 2022

Unterwegs Varieté, Schriesheim Germany July 2022




Circus Symphony Lucerne Swizerland 2022

Weihnachts Circus Aachen 2021/2022

Unterwegs Varieté 2020/2021

Holiday on Ice, Specialty act for the 75 year Jubilee tour, Germany and France 2018|2019/2020

International Festival of Puyang, China, October 2018

International circus festival IDOL, Moscow, Russia, September 2018

Cirq à Roma Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, June 2018


Grand Gala Du Cirque for the Festival Funambolika, Pescara, Italy, July 2018 - Option

Harbourside Festival, Bristol UK, July 2018

Trapezi, Reus Catalunya Spain May 2018

karlsruher weihnachtscircus, Germany - 22nd December - 7th January 2018


the 18th International artist circus festival of Saint Paul les Dax, France - 9th-12th November 2017

Circus Roncalli, Germany - 40 Jubiläum tour 2016/2017

Circus Conelli, Zurich Switzerland - 22nd November 2015 - 4th January 2016


Circus Reaction, Greece Circus Cabaret, 26th April - 3rd June 2015 - Avital and Jochen Swinging Trapeze, Aerial straps, Beyond the Bounce


Roncalli Wintercircus, Tempodrom Berlin, Germany  2014 - Avital and Jochen Swinging Trapeze


16th  International Circus Festival City of Latina 2014 - Avital and Jochen Double Swinging Trapeze


Modiin festival, Israel  2014 - Avital and Jochen Double swinging Trapeze


Cyclope, Switzerland  2014 - Avital Aerial straps and Ensemble 


Odysseo, Solvay 150th, Brussels, Belgium 2013 - Ensemble show


Circus Monti, Switzerland 2012 - Swinging Doubles Trapeze, straps and juggling 


Incandescene Christmas show, Derby, UK 2011, 2012 - Trapeze, silks and straps 


Holiday Inn resort, Israel 2011 - Swinging Doubles Trapeze and Straps


GOP Variete, Germany 2009,2010,2011 - Straps


Aalborg Winter Variete, Aalborg, Denmark, 2010 - Juggling


Europapark, Rust, Germany 2010 - Straps


Le plus Grande Cabaret Du Monde, Paris, France 2009 - Beyond the Bounce


Wintergarten Variete, Berlin, Germany 2008 - Juggling


The Flying Dragon Circus, Beijing, China 2008- Ensemble show


Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan 2006,2007- bungee trapeze









Upcoming Shows